Herbal Facial steaming is an excellent way to directly and almost immediately influence your skins appearance. Our herbal facial blends can be used as facial steams and as toners.

It promotes deep cleansing which loosens old dead skin cells and any buildup in pores. Via the use of steam the collagen and elastin promoting herbs able to go much deeper into the skin thus enhancing their anti-ageing effects on the skin. The combination of herbs and steam increases circulation and increased blood flow makes the skin glow!

This herbal steam contains herbs that promote healing and health to problem skin with their cleansing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory  qualities.

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  • Unclogs pores
  • Hydrates skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Promotes healing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-fungicide


Directions for Facial Steam:

  • Place ¼ cup of herbs in a pot or heatproof bowl about 3 litres in size
  • Pour 1.7 litres of boiling water over herbs
  • Cover and let steep 5-10 minutes
  • Place bowl on a heatproof surface where you can sit or stand comfortably
  • Making sure the steam is not too hot, hold your head 30 cm from the bowl, drape a large towel over your head and bowl to enclose and capture steaming herbal water
  • Steam you face for 5-10 minutes ,coming out from under the towel for fresh air as needed
  • If  it gets too hot under the towel, let in a little cool air
  • The steam opens your pores allowing the healing herbs to penetrate deep into you skin.
  • Splash face with cool water, to close your pores, and pat dry



Allow water to cool down completely and use as a cold wash

This may be particularly beneficial to those suffering from severe or cystic acne.

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*Witch Hazel


Those suffering from convulsions, epilepsy, seizures and similar conditions are advised against doing facial steams due to the nature of the process.


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